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The Benton Museum at UCONN Storrs

Matt Roberts takes us on a tour of a recent exhibit at the Benton Museum on the UCONN Storrs campus entitled “Women of New England: Dress from the Industrial age.” Come see what our female forebears wore (and endured) in the second half of the last century. Beautiful and surprising!

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Munsons Chocolates

In Bolton, we’ll find out how this candy family has been satisfying Connecticut’s sweet tooth since 1946 and we’ll taste a few things too! What is beer brittle, anyway? Each piece of chocolate from Munson’s is a work of art which requires the taste buds to appreciate.

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Something Old is New Again

In this, our premiere episode, we’ll take you along on some adventures, open your eyes to new developments, and excite your senses

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Green Demolitions

This company was one of the first of its kind in the country…they take in gutted kitchens, office furniture, cabinetry and other things for charitable contributions…and sell it in warehouses at an enormous discount. And now they are partnering with high-end kitchen design companies with the concept of a “kitchen trade-in”. People donate their used […]

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Greener Airplanes

After 22 years of development, Pratt & Whitney has made a major breakthrough on a greener airplane engine. The engine promotes fuel efficiency, cuts down on emissions, and delivers a 50-percent reduction in noise. The breakthrough has received numerous aviation accolades, as well as Popular Mechanics’ Magazine Innovator award in 2010. It was named one […]

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Power Lunch

When you combine elementary school students, reading mentors, and lunch, everybody wins! We’ll join Everybody Wins Connecticut for their Power Lunch program and discover how a group of dedicated volunteers are instilling a love of reading in young minds. And what keeps many of those volunteers coming back year after year.