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The Benton Museum at UCONN Storrs

Matt Roberts takes us on a tour of a recent exhibit at the Benton Museum on the UCONN Storrs campus entitled “Women of New England: Dress from the Industrial age.” Come see what our female forebears wore (and endured) in the second half of the last century. Beautiful and surprising!

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Munsons Chocolates

In Bolton, we’ll find out how this candy family has been satisfying Connecticut’s sweet tooth since 1946 and we’ll taste a few things too! What is beer brittle, anyway? Each piece of chocolate from Munson’s is a work of art which requires the taste buds to appreciate.

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Jol Dantzig, Master Luthier

One of the world’s finest guitar makers, Jol Dantzig has created custom electric guitars for hundreds of major recording artists including the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, The Police, and Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen. In Spotlight on the Arts, Ed Wierzbicki visits with Dantzig in his Connecticut studio, where he hand-crafts a new line […]

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Treading Lightly: Natural Beauty

We meet two female business owners who used to work in traditional salons but got fed up with all of the chemicals. One woman is Guatemalan and draws on Mayan therapies to make her own line of hair and body products. The other woman started her own all-natural hair salon, using all natural and organic […]

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The state of Connecticut is working hard to help the “little guy” compete with neighboring Rhode Island in growing specialty oysters. Jim Markow, a member of the Noank Aquaculture Co-op, has been instrumental in bringing back the Connecticut oyster population, which was decimated by a parasite back in 1998. Due to efforts over the past […]