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A Whole New Perspective on All Things Connecticut

Meg the drone delivers the perfect payback mission for anyone who enjoys a chat with their dentist! Family Dentist Dr Steve Sallee of Southbury has the tables turned when Series Host David Bibbey puts him in his own dental chair. With no regard for the answer David fills Dr Steve’s mouth with tools and quizzes […]

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Made in Connecticut: Pratt & Whitney

We learn how Pratt & Whitney’s breakthrough PurePower engine has achieved unprecedented 15% increases in fuel efficiency in a world where 3% increases were considered stellar and thus secured orders for 6000 new engines scheduled for production with a backlog of new engines not seen in Connecticut since the late 70’s early 80’s.

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Spotlight on Pilobolus

We visit behind the scenes of the Pilobolus Dance Theater Company of Washington Depot, the multi-award winning, Avant garde modern dance company who have become an international entertainment brand featured on the likes of Oprah, Late Night TV, and the Academy Awards.

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Breaking Bread at the White Horse Pub

David Breaks Bread in his last supper of the series and bids farewell to his trusted London taxi, Audrey at The White Horse Country Pub and Restaurant in Marbledale, New Preston. With a menu inspired by the best of cultural diversity, a delectable dining experience rounds out the season of All Things Connecticut perfectly.

Spotlight On The Arts: JCakes


Hope Looney turns cakes into high art. CPTV’s Spotlight on the Arts visits Hope’s JCakes in North Branford, where she and her talented team of bakers and cake artists design delicious and unique cakes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and every occasion you can image.


Raising the Bar in the Beverage Industry

It all started squeezing limes for fresh margaritas on their dads’ boats: Childhood friends Ryan Guimond and Michel Boissy concocted their plan to create the freshest bar juice on the market.